Umbono Training is a leading provider of Health and Safety Training SOLUTIONS in the region

Umbono Training provides a range of health and safety training courses such as First Aid Training, Basic Life Support (BLS), Basic Fire Fighting, Health and Safety, CPR, and Snake Awareness. Our training material equips individuals with the necessary skills to respond to accidents and injuries in the workplace and beyond. These courses adhere to the standards and guidelines set by industry accrediting bodies.

Additionally, we provide individuals with the right set of tools, boosting confidence in their ability to respond calmly and quickly in the event of an emergency.

“Investing in health and safety training is crucial for fostering a culture of wellbeing in the community.”

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Health and Safety Training

Health and Safety Training Solutions

Our comprehensive health and safety training solutions are tailored to industry standards.

Health and safety training is essential for ensuring the well-being of employees. Our health and safety training programs cover a wide range of topics, such as emergency procedures, hazard identification, and proper use of medical equipment.

Health and Safety Training Essential Skills for the Workplace

Essential Skills for the Workplace

Empower your workforce with essential skills for a safer workplace environment.

Our Health and safety training courses such as First Aid, Fire Safety, and Basic Life Support is crucial for any workplace. We equips employees with the necessary skills to respond quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency.

Essential skills training creates a safer environment for everyone, by educating individuals on proper safety protocols and procedures. What’s more, essential skills are crucial for the community as it helps to deal with accidents, as well as injuries quickly, and effectively.

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Explore courses in Basic Life Support, First Aid, Fire Safety, Health and Safety and more.

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Health and Safety Training


The development is part of our commitment to bringing our high-quality training closer to our clients and communities. Our Mossel Bay branch will serve as a hub for excellence, while we offer the same standard of comprehensive and accredited health and safety training that has made us a trusted partner in the industry.

Join us in Mossel Bay and embark on a journey towards excellence in health and safety practices.

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Health and Safety Training Key Focus Areas


Health and Safety Training | Basic Life Support

One of the key courses offered by Umbono Training is Basic Life Support Training, which teaches participants how to respond in emergency situations and provide life-saving care until medical professionals arrive. This course is essential for employees in high-risk industries such as construction and manufacturing.


Health and Safety Training | First Aid Training

Another important course offered by Umbono Training is First Aid Training, which covers a range of topics including CPR, wound care, and managing medical emergencies. This training is crucial for all employees, as accidents can happen at any time and having the knowledge and skills to respond effectively can save lives.

Fire Fighting Training

Health and Safety Training | Fire Fighting Training

In addition to First Aid Training, Umbono Training also offers Basic Fire Fighting Training, which teaches participants how to prevent fires and respond in the event of a fire emergency. This training is essential for employees working in environments where fire hazards are present.


Health and Safety Training | Applying Health and Safety to a Workplace

Workplace Hazards are a common concern in many industries. Umbono Training’s workplace safety courses are designed to help employees identify and mitigate potential risks. By teaching safety practices and providing hands-on training, employees are prepared to handle workplace hazards safely and effectively.

promoting a culture of safety

Health and Safety Training | Safety in the Community

Overall, Umbono Training’s Mossel Bay branch is dedicated to promoting a culture of safety in the community. Their comprehensive courses cover a range of topics to ensure that healthcare workers and employees are well-equipped. Click the link below for more information about courses and schedules.

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Health and Safety Training Courses

For your staff, your customers, and your Business.

Basic Life Support Training Health and Safety Training

health and safety training benefits businesses

Companies that prioritize the health and safety of their workers are more likely to create a positive work environment and build a strong reputation for being a responsible employer.

Health and Safety Training
health and safety training
Basic Fire Fighting Training Health and Safety Training

Safety and Well-Being of Staff & Customers

Also, by having employees trained in basic first aid, and basic fire safety, businesses can ensure the safety and well-being of both their staff, and customers too.

health and safety training

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Umbono Training currently has the following accreditations:

Transport EducationTraining Authority (TETA) Skills Development Provider
South Africa Resuscitation Council Accredited CPR Training Centre
Department of Labour First Aid Training Provider
American Heart Association Training Centre
FP&M SETA Skills Development Provider
ETDP SETA Skills Development Provider
AgriSETA Skills Development Provider